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“Russian media middlemen are actively trying to recruit mercenaries from among Russian-speaking journalists in neighboring Estonia to serve in their information war. (…) It would be wrong to say that this recruiting activity doesn’t produce any results. There are willing people who are prepared to make themselves available to the Russian information and propaganda structures. As a rule, these people are incompetent, unintelligent, and not qualified as journalists, but for lack of better material, recruiters for the Russian information war have to take what they can get.”

This is an excerpt from the book «Two-faced “Impressum”: The Anatomy of a Small Information War» by Oleg Samorodni.

Set into motion in 2008, the “International Media Club Impressum” was founded in Estonia, at the initiative of and with the support of the Russian newspaper Komsomolskaja Pravda, which has had a long existence. Samorodni himself is a former editor of the Northern European regional edition of this paper. Impressum’s purported reason for being was to invite prominent speakers once a month to engage the public on issues germane to the Russian community in Estonia. Early on, however, it became clear that Impressum’s task was purely propagandistic — practically all of the guest speakers were staunch Putinites.

Samorodni states that Impressum was also intended to help create a network of receptive Estonian journalists. This has thus far been a failure, but he also insists that the Russian-controlled media fill a void which the Estonian media have avoided.

The book contains a huge amount of fresh data on methods of influence and about the participants in this Kremlin- controlled information war, which extends from the Crimea to the Baltic with the help of the Russian Channel One (1TV — Pervyj Kanal), the First Baltic Channel, the Komsomolskaja Pravda newspaper and many others. Estonia is used as one example of many, in which the author reveals to us how the Russian propaganda and information war functions in the so-called “near abroad”.

Samorodni raamatust eesti keeles —>

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